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Fair Grading

October 6, 2007

I have a proposal for all the professors out there. The way students usually earn their grades is by accumulating several points over the semester, then a grand total is computed, say between 0 and 100, and then the numerical score is converted into a letter grade. In other words students are evaluated along the unidimensional scale of “points collected”. This is highly unfair because it doesn’t account for the complexities of each student “realities”. So, I propose that once the letter grade is determined the professor should then collect a tax following a progressive scale (15% from the A’s, 10% from the B’s, and 5% from the C’s). These points will then be redistributed in various ways, depending on the priorities of the current university administration or following decisions taken by the president of the student body. One way to redistribute the money, epp.. I mean points,  would be through some grants that the students could apply for during the semester. The application would consist in a two page essay describing the various reasons why the grant should be awarded to the applicant. During the last week of the semester a panel of peers will review the proposal and make a decision. The reviewers would be picked at random and would have to withdraw their grant proposal in exchange for a fair point-remuneration. Some professors might also spend some points in advance on such things as having students erase the blackboard,  etc….


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