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January 19, 2008

I still remember when I first got my own phone number. Wow! Having to memorize it… and my first address, with the zip-codes etc…It was hard to spit all that out on various forms, without checking it over.

Nowadays, after many addresses and phone changes, and after countless passwords, I feel like I’m much better at memorizing such things. Like your average Internaut I have had to memorize a dozen passwords. Lately I have even started to stick with the computer-generated ones, you know At$hzPU9….I just trust my mind. Actually, I just trust my fingers. I type it in a few times and voila’! It’s saved in my brain.

Now I wonder how many such strings of characters will my kids have saved in their brains in twenty years? and how long will those strings be? Any guesses?


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