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Don't Legislate Under the Influence

March 8, 2008

As a response to political paternalism, we hereby launch a new form of paternalism called “civic paternalism”. Freedom to legislate has its limits especially when it creates vast negative externalities and myriads unintended consequences. You can’t let any fresh Junior official do as they please: they need to be protected from themselves for they’re own good, and for ours too.

That’s why we advocate  that bills keep levels of external influence (from lobbies and other pressure groups) under 0.8%. The police should be authorized to make random stops in the halls of  Congress, set up check-points during the days of heaviest legislative activity, and if need be administer truth-tests to impending legislators.

Pork should be banned immediately and everyone caught smuggling pork or peddling pork on a hall corner should face stiff prison time. Pork is  highly addictive and can lead to experimentation with other more lethal forms of pork such as tariffs on foreign products and anti-dumping laws.  It has also been shown to lead to depression and suicide in some individuals. It’s a scourge on our politics that needs to be kept under control.

Bipartisanship is also a practice that we don’t view very highly. It’s unnatural and not what the creators of our political system had envisioned. We don’t think legislators should be allowed to get in bed with whom they please. Attendance of “civic sensitivity seminars”  should be mandatory. These seminars teach awareness of regulation-addiction, how to recognize it in time, and methods to avoid it as much as possible.

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