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Test Your Regulatory Impulse

July 14, 2008

True or False?

1. When confronting a complex crisis it’s a good idea to cool down first and then find a private place to discuss the problem.

2. Calming your simmering regulatory impulse with a glass of whiskey or two is a good idea.

3. Outbursts of rational planification are good for releasing tension from the body.

4. Learning breathing techniques can diffuse a situation where a regulatory bomb is about to be passed into law.

5. It’s human nature to respond to voter’s demands with regulations.

6. Feeling out of control when overwhelmed with the legislatory impulse is a normal response.

7. Growing up in a seemingly disorganized and chaotic society , where it looks like nobody is in control, means you’re more apt to have control-issues as a legislator.

8. Regulatory impulses are normal, healthy, even useful human emotions that only become dangerous when they’re allowed to be pursued in the halls of power.

9. Humor should never be used when an overly regulatory piece of legislation is about to occur.

10. When your controlling impulses affect your bills, constituencies and lobbies, and you feel an overwhelming desire to regulate at the smallest transgressions, it’s time to seek regulatory-impulse management help.

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