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True Laissez-Faire

October 1, 2008

The current crisis stems from the excesses of our political regulators. The hands-off approach consisting in letting politicians take care of our problems is not viable anymore. This culture of laissez-faire on the part of The People has allowed politicians to act with impunity. Under no rules defining their proper behavior, the political class has messed with markets that it had no knowledge of, and has produced a mass of laws, acts, memos, orders, pressures, rules, bills, proposals, bailouts, handouts, rein-ins, shake-downs, intrusions, etc…with greed, arrogance and no oversight whatsoever. It’s high time to socialize politics. No more independent individualistic politicians. From now on they will have to have their hands tied by strict regulations on what they ‘can’ and ‘cannot’ do. We can’t afford another Great Depression.

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