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Am I crazy?

May 23, 2009

The other day I took an online quiz with 10 question about the EU. I ended up in the lower left-hand corner (the anti-EU and anti-statist corner) while the whole Italian political spectrum (from the extreme right to the extreme left, the catholics, the socialists, the regional separatists, Berlusconi, etc…) is lying above the diagonal from the top left-most corner to the bottom right-most one. In other words, I’m miles away from everybody else (politically). Am I totally nuts? Below I translated the questions and show my answers, you can judge for yourself.

1. Are you in favor of letting Turkey in the EU?

A: I don’t know. What an amazingly complicated question: would more members be better than less members…I have no idea.

2.In facing the economic crisis it could be useful to raise trade barriers between the members nations.

A: Absolutely not. This is a slum-dunk in my opinion, there’s no discussion.

3.  Are you in favor of raising the retirement age?

A: I don’t know. I don’t believe centrally planned retirement schemes are sustainable anyways. So raising the retirement age sounds reasonable but all it will do is give a bankrupt system a few more years of life.

4. The completion of the infrastructure for long range means of transportation (highways and railroads) must be a priority in all member nations.

A: Absolutely not. What do I know about a nations priorities? More state-built highways? I’m skeptical.

5. The EU must end its subsidies to agriculture.

A: Absolutely yes! No question about it.

6. The EU must impose the Kyoto protocol to each member nation to combat global warming.

A: Absolutely not. I happen to think that state measures to combat global warming generally backfire and end up being much worse for the environment. I care about nature deeply and don’t doubt that human activity is affecting global climate. However, I’m highly skeptical about being able to improve the environment with laws and new bureaucracies.

7. The european parlament should have more political powers.

A: Absolutely not. Ah the good all days when the EEC was a commercial alliance intent on lowering trade barriers….

8. Is it right to open our borders to nations with lower incomes than ours, despite the possible repercussion on the EU economy.

A: Absolutely yes! Notice: how the questioning is biased by the way.

9. The social policies toward sustaining employment together with a commitment to economic growth must be one of the main goals of EU policies.

A: Absolutely not. Politicians don’t know how to sustain growth and employment. They have no clue.

10. The EU must have its own army.

A: Absolutely not. Let’s complete the Leviathan, yea…..

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