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Dreaming of the Revolution

July 28, 2009

I don’t sleep that well these days. I have weird dreams where I’m picketing alone in front of the Union (the “free-speech” zone on campus). I have a home-made sign, just a piece of white paper, with “End the Stimulus Now”, written with a black marker. Being shy I don’t say much. People go by and snicker. Some recognize me as their Calc Instructor: “Yo Teach!”. “Say No to the Stimulus” I respond. An administrator comes by and sniffs me suspiciously. I can feel my raise for this year evaporating. Some Obama supporters, thinking maybe that I’m some kind of Republican dead-ender, shout in my direction “We must save the economy from the disaster politics of the last eight years!”. I soldier on, responding too feebly and to late, “the dollar could collapse…”. A pair of rugged cow-handlers whistle and cheer “hoop-hoop!” on their way to a triple bacon and cheese. Eventually a pair of campus police types arrives. Apparently, even though it’s a “free-speech” zone one still needs to notify the administration and get permission. I resist unconvincingly “it’s my costit- hmm constitutional right..” They are now escorting me off the premises. Emboldened by this effrontery I proudly scream “Don’t just do something, stand there!” “Don’t just do something, stand there!” ….aaaaaaaaaaaah.

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