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Eimi quotes (pure genius…): e e cummings goes to USSR in 1931.

July 28, 2009

“SHUT seems to be The Verb” (first sentence of the book)

“Is this indeed Stench or merely Poland?”

“Wake alone–he got out at 6(Warsaw) while I was chez the gentleman from Vienna;but for some reason there’s rather less room than before(perhaps compartments made of elastic nonspace, which contracts automatically when something is put into it and automatically expand when something is taken out)

seek the diner,semiexpecting(thanks

to my American-procommunists-living-in-Paris–The Horrors Of Capitalist Poland)to be brutally cheated;if not softly knocked down and simply robbed.”

“…But tell,O tell me:where are we? Who lives? Who has died? Is there space or time or both for e.g. a drink?”

“At the sight of a flight of marble-or-something steps framed by boundlessly flowering plants we verily tremble:is(impossibly)the candle worth the game? And just as if to answer said unsaidness,down something-or-marble vista visionary with vegetation waddles 1 prodigiously pompous,quite supernaturally unlovely,infratrollop with far(far) too golden locks;gotup rather than arrayed in ultraearstwhile vividly various whathaveyous;assertingly(if not pugnaciously)puffing a gigantic cigarette;vaguely but unmistakably clutching,to this more hulking than mammiform appendage,a brutally battered skeleton of immense milkcan.”

“Then you wish to go to Russia as a writer and a painter? Is that it?
no;I wish to go as myself.
(An almost smile). Do you realize that to go as what you call Yourself will cost a great deal?
I’ve been told so.
Let me earnestly warn you(says the sandyhaired spokesman for the Soviet Embassy in Paris) that such is the case. Visiting Russia as you intend would be futile from every point of view. The best way for you to go would be as a member of some organization–”

(He meets an American theater critique living in Moscow at a luxurious hotel.)
“Of course I shouldn’t dream of living like this anywhere else:the point is,what you spend here enriches the government instead of some private individual who has a great deal too much already–and it’s really not expensive;they give you an excellent breakfast with real coffee(you probably don’t realize that coffee is a tremendous luxury!–not that things aren’t getting better every day;it’s really nothing short of miraculous,what they’ve done). Mymymymymy. How I envy you. Seeing Moscow for the first time.”


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