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Milano’s secret museums

July 28, 2009

Milano is not really an art-city at the level of Florence, Rome and Venice, but it does have some very good museums that are mostly empty of tourists as well as locals. To begin with one must consider that Leonardo Da Vinci spent a couple of decades in Milano. His “Last Supper” is in a church called Santa Maria delle Grazie (that was designed by the famous architect Bramante, I think). In the gigantic museum of the Castello Sforzesco there’s a ceiling of Leonardo, even though the big hit on Giovanni was the room with the knight armors and for Anna the one with the Egyptian mummies. Then at the Museum of Science and Technology there’s a whole floor with Leonardo’s technical drawings and inventions. This museum too is gigantic, with a submarine, a train station of old-fashion locomotives, a room with planes, boat, and an entire sailing-ship. Then there’s the Pinacoteca di Brera with many large painting, lots of Renaissance ones, etc…there’s a museum of natural sciences in a large park and the Poldo Pezzoli and several others…What’s most pleasant in these museums is that they are never crowded, the rooms are large with very high ceiling, the windows (especially in the Castle) are tall and wide and one can peer out of them at some unexpected sceneries just as much as at the actual exposition pieces.

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