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The problem of redistribution

July 28, 2009

Politicians are currently grappling with the juggernaut of how to tax the rich to give to the poor in a moment where the rich seem to be loosing all their imaginary wealth faster then they can say mortgage-backed-security-credit-default-swap. Some people object that the richest 2% already pay some 40% of the tax bill, so we have this strange society where very few people pay and the great majority demands. But I think it gets stranger yet. Because a lot of the money raised in taxes is not actually used to meet the many demands. A portion maybe, but a lot is used for other purposes which mainly involve consolidation of power. Stranger yet: I don’t believe the richest 2% hand over such staggering amounts without getting something back in the form of “friendly” regulation, monopoly privileges, protection etc…It’s a pretty crazy system when you think about it, so much so, that a “method-of-relaxations” where everybody looks at four of his neighbors and gives them or takes from them an equal share so as to earn the average of their earnings doesn’t sound half as bad. And now that I think of it we should enforce the Martingale Stopping Theorem as well so people are not allowed to go into infinite debt…

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