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To show that my thought still extends over 140 characters.

July 28, 2009

Tuesday nights I walk around like an old man, who says basketball is good for you?

(hmm that sentence could fit in the FB Status…)

Ok I’ll write an Ode. But right now I have the brain of an old man.

Old men can be sweet. Take my father for instance.

Gotta get off FB status mode.

Pietro is going to write an Ode.

Pietro is…

An Ode to what? Well….the free-market of curse.

Of curse? Off course. I mean…yeah it’s off-course right now
but what is the free-market anyways?
Let’s start with what it’s not.

It’s not crony-capitalism, hun-hun.
It’s not monopoly privileges, nope no sirrybobby.
it’s not regulatory hand-outs. What’s that?!!
Anyways, it’s not bail-outs either.
nor government contracts…you get the gist.

Ah wait wait, here’s a good one:
It’s not what Republicans say it is.

What is it then, please, do tell me? “Ok don’t tell me” (Madagascar2 quote).
“Oh you didn’t tell me we’re talking about a woman.”

Not quite, but sort of. Turns out “scientists have shown”: the more you’re educated (that’s not manners) the less you have anti-market bias. Ah! But that’s because the well-educated are richer and profit from the market! hmmm no: the poor benefit more. Take a poor Bengladeshi, give her a ticket to the US and her productivity (wage) decuplicates.

Sir! This is not an Ode!!

Alright alright…back to Ode Mode.

Oh markets where are thou?
That used to shine upon a hill.
(Did you really?)
Thou harness human ingenuity
To extend love beyond its reach
In ways unknown to most and yet
You will survive, of that I’m sure.
Never quite so pure. But hey!
Bottom up! Ahoy!
Leave the top-down stuff to others.
You go your merry decentralized way:
Amorphous, symbiotic and idiosyncratic.
Ignore that we ignore you.
Leadership studies! That’s what we’re good at.
We sing odes to cherished leaders
and “heroic” entrepreneurs.
We do not see the incremental,
the combined action, and interaction,
of millions, millions think of it,
of human beings, each with a spirit
choosing, changing and rummaging
striking deals, striking poses
forming bonds, and making promises.
Some of us will not forget.

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