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How does a dinosaur express an opinion?

August 27, 2009

What if a dinosaur has something to say?

Does he fluster and mutter and grumble his way?

Does he drop dirty hints all over what’s said?

Does he call names, offend, and shout “End the Fed”?

Does he flip off the world with foam on his mouth?

Does he cry out injustice and yells “all’s going south”?

Does a dinosaur lie?

What if a dinosaur writes all of it down somewhere?

Does he drag all his worries on the problem to bear?

Does a dinosaur swear?

Does he call black what is white and white what is black?

Does he sneak and defend himself when he’s obviously wrong?

Does he push back and fight and if not sings a song?

Does he make a big stink, is that what you think?


He listens to all and is always polite

He’s good and considerate and will never bite

He waits for permission and’ll never expose

the slightest misdeed, not even a pose

He takes it all in and never opines

Then closes his eyes and whispers “ok fine”.

The wiser ones then tip toe out of  the door:

Shut up, keep quiet, little dinosaur.

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