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Annozero swept me off my priors

September 20, 2010

Despite a deeply flawed, biased, and not that charismatic show-host, Michele Santoro, his weekly 2-hour show on Italian TV called Annozero is in my opinion one of the best tv shows ever produced. I can’t think of anything equivalent in any other country. Most of the show consists of various “in the field” interviews and mini-documentaries, mostly of people complaining and advancing endless recriminations, interrupted by panel commentary and debates among invited guests (politicians, journalists etc…) that speak in a sort of “arena” surrounded by an audience of youngish college folks. Even though the intended effects are often quite transparent, the actual conclusions that emerge (spontaneously) by this chaotic and vast barrage of opinions cannot usually be predicted in advance. This ‘decentralized’ style is the brilliant insight that makes this show work on so many levels despite the political agendas that run through it. And yet it could be even better, even more decentralized, even more chaotic. I would have never thought that I would be so taken by a show produced by the government-run RAI and by an old-fashioned statist like Michele Santoro, and yet…Annozero obliterated my priors.

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