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September 20, 2010

I don’t get these people on the Hill: health-insur…care reform is eeeasy. Here’s my plan (and please take note of how smart I am):

Raise the Medicare opt-out tax by half a percentage point and a quarter on 50 and older, and eliminate the tax-deductibility of buy-in health insurance benefits for people making more than $150K a year in household income, $100K for single renters, and $80K for Kansans. Then make the federal government the insurer of the last resort, up and above 200 percent of the poverty line. Any medical expenses more than 15% or 20% of community-rated standard, determined by a specially appointed committee of experts (totally apolitical and incorruptible, say, made up only of scientists and doctors, but especially scientists) get picked up by Uncle Sam. Expand the Cadillac Medicaid saving healthroth accounts between 20 and 25 FannieMed funding the whole of the expansion. Revenue comes from a surtax on the richest 0.0001 percent.

And that’s it. No cost controls. No delivery-system reforms. Nothing that makes the bill long or complex or unfamiliar.


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