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Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There.

December 13, 2011

If Ron Paul becomes president, we are going to witness the biggest volte-face ever witnessed in electoral policy, bigger even than Obama’s. He will not be able to cut any “departments”, bring home any troops, reform any Federal reserve banks, or restore the soundness of any dollars. The course of political events is bigger than any one puny politician, the ratchet effect of govt, the centralizing forces of ignorance, the inertia of regulation, the encrusted interests of cronies, the global pressures, in short the Leviathan, will not even notice.

Actually, it’s more likely that an Obama second turn with a GOP Congress could lead to protracted neglect of some of Big Govt’s goals. Our only hope is that salutary gridlock and partisan bickering will continue to paralyze and quell the “reformers” many impetuses. With some luck we could even witness some presidential vetoes. Now that would be something worth celebrating.


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