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Amazing Freedom

January 8, 2012

I’m free to travel and relocate in the 50 states of America. In fact, all of Europe, Australia, parts of Asia and Africa, as well as the North and South American continents, are accessible to me if I want. I’m free to speak my mind, write about it, debate, on the internet, public forums, blogs. I can publish my research. I can have as many kids as I plan to have. I can decide not to vote. I can go to whatever church or temple I find interesting. I can draw interest on my savings. I can sell stuff. I can buy pretty much anything from anywhere. I can use cash. I can own property. I can join any club, association, cooperative, party, online group, I desire. I can befriend anybody. I’m free, to an amazing degree. More than all my ancestors have ever been; more than most people living on earth right now.

And I’m not alone. Millions of people enjoy the same staggering degree of personal freedom. Still, billions more don’t. The level of “freedom inequality” in the world is the real scandal, you know, worth of permanently Occupying the Border.


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